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JanCom bridges a critical gap by planning and designing the network technology infrastructure, components and audio-visual systems for leading organizations. JanCom works with architects, information technology professionals, project managers and facility managers to strategically meet a wide-range of technology infrastructure requirements.

We are dedicated to being:

We recruit and employ highly qualified professionals at all levels of the organization, including engineers and Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD). We foster an environment of continual learning including encouraging and supporting ongoing professional development and training.

We plan and design technology infrastructure with a focus on supporting organizationsí operationally critical network, audio-visual and power needs. Our deliverables are thoroughly coordinated and formally reviewed.

Comprehensive Result
We work collaboratively and in-line with the needs of our many clients. We are highly responsive and bridge the gap that may typically exists between each stakeholder involved in a given project, including the architects, information technology professionals, project managers, facility managers, contractors and end-users.